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What are ants?

In almost any ecosystem throughout the world, you will find ants. Ants are omnivores and feed on seeds, honeydew, sweet liquids, and proteins. Since these insects feed on many of the same foods we do, they have learned that living near our homes or businesses is beneficial.

Ants are one of the most difficult pests to control. They live and work together in large groups, keep multiple nesting sites, and maintain different castes to meet the colony's needs. Queens produce more ants, males mate with the queens, and workers are sterile females driven to support the colony by gathering food, caring for the young, and defending and upholding the nest.

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Carpenter ants, fire ants, crazy ants, Pharaoh ants, and white-footed ants all live in our area of Georgia. If given the opportunity, ants will take advantage of the food and shelter our properties offer them.

Are ants dangerous?

Ants are not pests you want living or feeding inside your home. While most are not "dangerous," they are annoying and create many problems for us. As ants travel outside, they come into contact with many different bacteria and parasites that they carry on their bodies. As they crawl around our homes, they spread that bacteria, which can make us sick. They also contaminate food and invade in large numbers – a frustrating problem to deal with day after day.

Though no ant is welcome with open arms into our homes or businesses, some are more of a problem than others.

  • Pharaoh ants are problematic inside hospitals and other healthcare facilities where they get into patient eyes, mouths, and IV bags seeking moisture. They are known to spread things like salmonella and streptococcus, making us quite ill.
  • Carpenter ants aren't dangerous to people, but they are dangerous to our structures. When nesting indoors, they often do so inside structural wood. Like other wood-damaging pests, they can cause costly damage to the structural wood in the buildings they invade.
  • Fire ants are aggressive. They often attack as a group, with each ant delivering painful, venom-filled stings. In those allergic or if a large attack were to occur, their stings could elicit a serious or even life-threatening allergic reaction.
  • Never take Pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, or fire ants for granted when they are on your property; immediately contact a professional for help eliminating them.

Why do I have an ant problem?

Ants are on the constant search for food, which is the main reason they are on your property. Whether nesting on your property or somewhere nearby, if your property offers them food sources, they will take advantage. Like most pests, ants will take any opportunity to gather food for themselves and their colony members.

Having the following things on your property may attract ants and lead to a problem with these pests:

  • Trash cans and recycling bins without tight-fitting lids
  • Gardens and compost areas
  • Fruit trees
  • Animal feed
  • Outdoor eating areas

Where will I find ants?

Ants can become a problem inside any home or business. They are attracted to the moisture, food, and safe shelter they provide. Though ants typically prefer to nest outside, they may decide to nest inside to expand their colony or to escape harsh weather conditions.

  • Pharaoh ants are a species that has adapted to living indoors. In addition to healthcare facilities, Pharaoh ants live inside homes, restaurants, and other commercial properties where food is prepared and stored. They nest in warm, humid areas behind baseboards, wall voids, and under floors near water pipes or large appliances.
  • Carpenter ants build their nests inside wood (usually water- damaged wood). Outside they nest in fallen trees, woodpiles, tree stumps, and other wood debris. Inside our homes, carpenter ants nest in structural wood that has been damaged by things like leaky pipes, fixtures, or air conditioners.
  • Fire ants prefer to nest outside. You'll rarely find them nesting indoors. They may wander inside searching for food but won't stay to nest. They like to nest in wide-open areas like our yards. These tiny ants may also find their way into a structure and damage electrical equipment and farm equipment.
  • Crazy ants and white-footed ants nest outside in similar damp areas like leaf litter, mulch, landscaping ties, and around large rocks. Inside, they may build nests behind baseboards or kitchen, bathroom, or basement walls.

How do I get rid of ants?

Get rid of ants with ease by partnering with the local pest control experts at Alternative Pest Control. We are passionate about providing our customers with both exceptional customer service and pest control solutions. With over 35 years in the pest control industry, you can trust our family-owned-and-operated company to protect your family from pests.

Using Integrated Pest Management techniques, and performing regular, customized services, we will solve your current pest problems and stop them from returning. We deliver tailored services to meet your exact needs! Through free inspection, estimates, and the execution of exceptional pest control services, Alternative Pest Control will help you maintain a residential or commercial property that is free of ants and other pests!

How can I prevent ants in the future?

Taking the following steps will help you to avoid ants from overtaking your Georgia property. In conjunction with our pest control services, our prevention tips are the best way to guard your home from ants.

  • Look over your home's exterior walls and foundation and seal up any cracks, holes, or other spaces you discover.
  • Dehumidifiers, air conditioners, ventilated crawlspaces, and a yard with proper drainage will help reduce the moisture in and around your home that attracts ants.
  • Remove easy access to food by placing lids on trash cans, maintaining gardens, keeping outdoor eating areas free of leftover food, and storing pet food in hard-sided containers with locking lids.
  • Keep kitchen and dining areas clean. Regularly vacuum floors, wipe down tables and counters, store fruits and vegetables in the fridge, store baked and dry goods in containers with airtight lids.

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