Prompt & Effective Pest Control Services In Atlanta, GA 30305

In sprawling cities like ours, it isn’t easy to find a pest control company that isn’t already booked weeks out, unable to address your problems promptly. That’s why we at Alternative Pest Control do things differently, focusing on the neighbors who are right in our backyard who need quick solutions to pest problems. Learn how we can assist you with prevention and elimination on your North Atlanta property today.

Home Pest Control In Atlanta, GA 30305 

You don’t pour your time and hard-earned money into your home for pests to have comfy places to live. Unfortunately, that’s the reality of many pest invasions in Atlanta. Homes attract pests for a number of reasons, from the food and shelter that they can find to the simple fact that other pests might already be there. As pest problems grow, they can lead to property damage and even health hazards like diseases or physical harm. That’s why the best form of residential pest control comes from experts, like the ones found at Alternative Pest Control. From early prevention to fast removal of existing problems, we’re your one-stop-shop for everything you need. Contact us today to get an inspection of your property scheduled, so we can get to work making sure factors aren’t attracting invasive pests. If you already know pests are there, don’t wait around for the problem to get worse, contact us today for prompt removal.


What Is The Best Mosquito Control Method In Atlanta, GA 30305?

mosquito biting atlanta ga

As biting pests that can spread diseases, mosquitoes aren’t a pest you should take lightly. While they are practically as common in our humid, hot Atlanta as the air itself, they are still considered some of the most dangerous pests in the world.

They spread harmful pathogens through their bites, like malaria, ebola, and the West Nile virus. They also will nest directly on your property, meaning a full population of biting pests can be the unpleasant greeting you receive when you step outside. The best way to make sure that your Atlanta property is protected from these parasites is through regular, professional services that not only exterminate pests but actively prevent new ones from invading.

At Alternative Pest Control, we specialize in prompt and effective mosquito control, whether a population is already there or you simply want to make sure that you’re protected from these nasty bugs. We offer thorough inspections that reveal your level of risk and look for attractants that might bring pests to your yard. We then tailor treatments to your schedule and your budget, rather than try to hawk you products or services that you don’t even need.

If you want to get started on true mosquito control for your Atlanta property, located in the 30305 ZIP code, contact Alternative Pest Control today.

How To Prevent Ant Infestations In Atlanta, GA 30305

ant infestation atlanta ga

Anyone who’s had an ant infestation knows that they seem to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. While certain pesticides or essential oils can kill off the ones crawling in your kitchen, at-home methods or cheap solutions don’t hit ants where they live. They don’t address the source of the colony, instead of providing you with temporary relief from a subterranean problem that can’t easily be reached with these methods.

Ants typically start outdoors, forming a vast network of tunnels and building up a large population of workers, soldiers, and queens. Once it’s grown in size, an ant colony looks for new territory to conquer that provides them with food and shelter. Human homes and businesses certainly fit the bill. That’s why the best form of ant prevention comes from effective and thorough services provided by experts.

Here at Alternative Pest Control, we know how to not just halt the growth of an ant population but properly eliminate them. Our exterior treatments can even ward off pest invasions before they form, which is the best way to avoid the problems that pests can bring in with them.

To keep ants out of your North Atlanta property, turn to Alternative Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Atlanta, GA 30305

Pests on any property are unwelcome, but a pest problem can be especially problematic for businesses that rely on a good reputation and a steady flow of customers. From rodents to insects to larger wildlife like raccoons, the damage and health risks associated with a pest infestation can literally put you out of business. That’s why the smart thing to do is partner with pest professionals to make sure you’re staying ahead of pest problems before they eat into your bottom line. At Alternative Pest Control, we can inspect your property inside and out for signs of pests or the everyday things that might attract them. We not only help you address them, but we’ll also educate you on ways you can incorporate smart pest control methods into your operations. If pests are already there, only professional commercial pest solutions can eliminate them quickly and without disrupting your already busy workplace. Contact Alternative Pest Control today to get started on proper pest protection for your North Atlanta business.


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