How To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Gainesville, GA Property

August 13, 2021

When the ants come marching into your Gainesville home, you need to be defensive. The longer you wait to treat the issue, the worse your infestation will become. To prepare yourself for dealing with ants, learn what it takes to get rid of these common insects.

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Ants In Gainesville

Every region of the country has its species of home-invading ants. In Gainesville, there are a few common invaders. One of those invaders is the pharaoh ant. Although small in size, these ants are dangerous in their ability to spread diseases. They make multiple colonies and tend to survive pesticides. As a result, they're one of the most difficult ants to eliminate.

Perhaps the most damaging ant is the carpenter ant, in its penchant for tunneling through the wood. This ant doesn't do as much damage as termites in Gainesville, but it can still cause trouble for you. Carpenter ants are large and black or red. 

Because of their translucent appearance, ghost ants are aptly named.  They have a dark head and a translucent body. As one of the most common household ants, these pests are the epitome of a nuisance. They seem to get everywhere, and there's no keeping them out. 

Fire ants can also be a hassle. However, they usually stay outside. This doesn't mean you want them on your property, though. Fire ants form extensive colonies and have stingers that inject prey with a potent venom. If you get on the wrong side of a fire ant, you will feel pain. Some people develop allergies to venom and have severe reactions.

The Challenges Of Ant Infestations

Unfortunately, ant infestations are tough to deal with. Ants have large colony sizes and reproduce quickly. Once they end up in your home, ants are nearly impossible to get rid of. Ants hide out in places you can't see and don't make themselves known until their numbers are impossible.

Out of all the pests in Gainesville, ants may be the hardest to keep outside. Because they're so small, ants don't need huge amounts of food. A few small crumbs on your floor could be a filling feast for multiple ants. Due to this fact, you can't make your home unappealing to ants. No amount of cleaning can remove every crumb from your home.

After the ants enter your home, there's not much left to do but call in the professionals. Over-the-counter (OTC) products may be widely available, but they don't work. Even if a product gets rid of a few ants, it won't work on all of them. You need to work with someone who has access to the right tools and who knows how to use those tools.

Working With A Professional

You should always take measures to prevent ants from invading, but there's no guarantee you'll be successful. Therefore, you can expect to need the guidance of a professional. Here at Alternative Pest Control, we recommend taking a few steps to keep ants away and relying on our services for guaranteed success.

On your own, you should try storing your food and trash properly and cleaning up after meals. If you have any gaps or cracks in the exterior of your home, seal them up. Then, call us, and we'll send out our experienced technicians. They evaluate your home and look for pest solutions. Once they determine the best way to keep ants out, our technicians get to work protecting your home. 

Our ongoing assistance is the best way to keep ants at bay. At Alternative Pest Control, we work hard to prevent and eliminate pests. Call us now to learn more.

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