How To Make Mosquitoes In Gainesville Stop Biting

April 15, 2021

Many pests are considered very dangerous, but believe it or not, some are more lethal than others. Mosquitoes are at the top of the list. Unfortunately, annoying you while you’re having a picnic or sitting on the bleachers at a sports game is the least of the trouble. These flying bugs are all about absorbing blood because it helps them survive. This is why they persistently swarm around humans and animals. Since they go from host to host, the likelihood they’ll transmit disease is high. Health professionals assert that mosquitoes are a critical medical threat. 

mosquito drinking blood through a humans arm

As if that information wasn’t distressing enough, you can unknowingly attract mosquitoes specifically to you. Keep reading to learn how you can avoid these insects and what draws them in. Furthermore, you’ll discover how Alternative Pest Control can be of assistance in Gainesville.

Be Mindful of Your Bodily Fluids and Chemicals

Blood is one of two major substances that bolsters the egg production of mosquitoes. According to multiple scientific reports, Type O blood and that from pregnant women are ideal for these incessant insects. They can detect the characteristics of human DNA through emitting hormones and released bodily liquids. Sweat and warmth are examples; the former contains acid and ammonia that’s quite alluring to them.

Reconsider What You Eat & What You Wear

This might sound strange, but if you consume an alcoholic beverage, it will be noticeable to mosquitoes. An identifying odor will come through the pores of your skin and stimulate the bugs. When it comes to your wardrobe choices, being selective about the color will be essential. Pests frequently rely on shading to find prey. Mosquitoes can see darker hues with ease, so stay away from black and blue.

Watch the Water And the Clock

Water is as crucial to mosquito sustenance and breeding as is blood. With that in mind, the buzzing nuisances will surround areas where they will have an ongoing and dependable supply of it. Be conscious of this when you’re out boating, fishing, swimming, or by any body of water. The same goes for standing pools of water, no matter how small. Try not to be outdoors at or after dusk; that’s when mosquitoes are most busy.

Employ Other Preventative Measures

Understanding basic facts about mosquito behavior can be useful in successfully preventing them. They are 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long with extremely thin legs, pronounced noses, and a pair of wings. Only the females drink blood, but all take in nectar and water. They typically get inside homes and businesses through open windows and doors. You’ll find them in dark spots where they aren’t liable to be disturbed, such as a closet or laundry room. Mosquito bites could potentially lead to:

  • Inflammation of the skin or severe swelling 
  • Skin irritation
  • West Nile VirusZika virus
  • Encephalitis

Ways to ward off mosquitoes include:

  • Lighting essential oil candles, such as those with rosemary, peppermint, or cedarwood 
  • Placing mosquito traps out; they must be washed regularly 
  • Drying pet water bowls and swimming pools when not in use
  • Trimming greenery on a routine basis Sitting plants, flowers, and shrubs two feet or more from the property
  • Washing out vents and gutters frequently

Alternative Pest Control Mosquito Extermination 

Our specially trained technicians at Alternative Pest Control will utilize industrial-grade methods to exterminate mosquito populations around your property. Quality larvicide will be applied near standing water to eliminate eggs. A potent pesticide mist will take care of the shady zones where adult mosquitoes fester. Our products are robust, but they are safe for vegetation, pets, and humans. One-time treatments for outdoor events are available. Call us at Alternative Pest Control today!

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