Professional Pest Management For Brookhaven, GA Properties

Atlanta is known for its beautiful and engaging suburbs, but few are quite as well-known as Brookhaven. This city is the largest in DeKalb County and takes up about 12 square miles worth of a stunning real estate. A whopping 55,000 people live in Brookhaven and commute the short few miles to downtown Atlanta. But Atlanta is not the only reason why people choose to live here. From nearby Oglethorpe University to the Capital City gulf club, there is no end to the number of activities in this area. Constant excitement and a thriving community attract people to Brookhaven from all over the country. However, there is another, a more sinister community thriving just underneath the surface: pests!

Creatures of all sorts have been targeting the good people of Brookhaven for decades, making short work of their homes, businesses, and properties. At Alternative Pest Control, we recognize that sticking to tradition is rarely the best form of innovation. That’s why our team has spent the last 35 years building up some of the most breakthrough pest control options in the country. We’re proud to have built a reputation as one of the best-loved pest control businesses in Brookhaven, and we intend to keep it that way for as long as we’re around. Submit a contact form to contact Alternative Pest Control now.

Home Pest Control In Brookhaven, GA

Brookhaven looks nothing like what it used to, not even 35 years ago. Why should pest control stay stuck in the past when it should be aimed towards the future?

The future-focused team at Alternative Pest Control believes in finding new solutions to the pest menace around Brookhaven. We know that you can’t afford to waste time on treatments that only work 'well enough,' so we are committed to making 'overwhelmingly satisfying' treatments that upgrade your residential pest control experience. Enjoy a selection of pest control plans that work with your schedule, not against it. Secure plans for: 

  • Monthly Services
  • One-Time Services
  • Weekly Services
  • Quarterly Services

If this frequency does not match your time frame, consider investing in specialty pest control plans that upgrade your home’s year-round security. Lock in a plan for:

  • Termite Control
  • Wildlife Management
  • Mosquito Control

Don’t let pests have any more control over your life. Fight back with help from Alternative Pest Control’s residential pest control plans!


Termite Control: What Brookhaven Homeowners Need To Know

three drywood termites and frass

If you have never experienced a termite infestation before, odds are that you will significantly underestimate the power of these pests. Termites may be less than ½ an inch long at maturity, but make no mistake: these pests don’t know what it means to pull punches.

If you live anywhere near the Brookhaven area, you need to know that:

  • Termites do not require rest and can consume wood around the clock.
  • Termite colonies can have over 60,000 unique members.
  • Termite damage is not normally covered by homeowners insurance policies.

For all these reasons and more, professional strength termite treatments are recommended by Brookhaven etymologists. Alternative Pest Control may have the prevention and treatment programs you are looking for. Find out by scheduling a termite inspection now.

How To Identify And Remove Bed Bugs In Brookhaven, Georgia

a bed bug crawling on bedding

Many things can bite in the night, so how will you know that your itchy bumps are due to bed bug activity? There are several ways to identify the presence of these bugs around your property:

  • Bed bugs leave a strong, musky, sometimes sweet odor in the homes they infest.
  • Bed bugs leave behind splotches of red (blood spatter) and dark brown (excrement) on bed sheets, pillowcases, and mattresses.
  • Bed bugs are brown, flat, oval-shaped insects that are about the same size as an apple seed.

For more helpful identification tips, please call Alternative Pest Control during service hours. 

Commercial Pest Control In Brookhaven, GA

Alternative Pest Control has been specializing in industry pests since the beginning of our business. You don’t need any more disruptions to business as usual, and with our team of experts on your side, you never will!

Our commercial pest control plans follow a simple formula that makes controlling insects a breeze. Here’s how we make the magic happen for Brookhaven, GA businesses:

1. We offer emergency services for problems that need immediate assistance! We promise to turn around and be on your property within 24 hours.

2. Our Follow Service Guarantee ensures that your pest problems are gone – or the follow-up treatment is on us!

3. We know unique industries have very unique pest control needs. Thankfully, we know the ones here in Brookville like the backs of our hands! From Doctors' Offices to Retail Spaces, we have solutions that match every niche.

Need more info? No problem! Simply submit an online contact form to get in touch with a knowledgeable representative as soon as possible. We’ve got what it takes. Now see it for yourself!


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