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Affordable Pest Control For Your Gwinnett County, GA Home

In Gwinnett County, pests are a year-round problem. The type of pest might change from season to season, but there's always some species that can cause trouble in your home or on your property. However, no two homes have exactly the same kinds of pest problems. Many factors contribute to the particulars of a pest infestation, which is why cookie-cutter pest control will never be the most effective way to solve a pest problem.

At Alternative Pest Control, we have spent 35 years providing our customers with safe, individualized pest control plans to meet the needs of their particular pest control situation. When you need pest control, you can trust Alternative Pest Control to gain an understanding of your unique circumstances in order to provide you with a customized solution.


Our Home Pest Control Offerings

ALTERNATIVE IS OUR NAME – and here is where we excel in meeting YOUR expectations. Below is a sampling of some of our service plans. While the "schedule" of these plans is relatively standard in the industry, rest assured the SERVICE delivered is tailored specifically to YOUR needs.
We offer flexible alternatives based on your needs and cater to your expectations. You may have a property that requires more frequent services based on location and natural setting (such as next to woods with a creek), while others are suitable for longer intervals between services. Here is an example and explanation of service frequency and why one "schedule" may work better for you.

Quarterly Service

The quarterly treatment option IS OUR MOST POPULAR and is perfect for your budget if you have little tolerance for pests. The service is performed once each season and includes a full guarantee. If you see bugs in between our seasonal visits, we will return and provide additional service free of charge. This recurring program includes treatment and a guarantee for most household crawling insects and rats and mice.

Monthly Service

This service is best for commercial businesses and property owners who have a very low tolerance for bugs and need to be more aggressive in preventing infestations. It also includes a full guarantee. If you see bugs in between our monthly visits, we will return and offer an additional service free of charge. This recurring program provides treatment and a guarantee for most types of household crawling insects and rats and mice.

One-Time Service

This service is not just ONE time. While it can start as an "as-needed" type of service, should you desire a follow-up within 45 days, generally, we can provide as many of those follow-ups as you wish with a fee of only 60% of your original ONE-TRIP cost. So if you want a limited "season" of service, we have an ALTERNATIVE for you! This program is usually targeted for specific pests and does NOT offer free follow-up visits.

Weekly Service

A weekly service is our most aggressive approach for severe pest problems. In rare cases, we may suggest that your pest problem requires a very proactive weekly inspection and treatment or trapping protocol to get a specific infestation under control. Once we eradicate the immediate pest threat, the weekly visits are usually reduced to a less frequent service schedule to maintain elimination.

The takeaway here is that, as our NAME implies, we believe we have an ALTERNATIVE that will specifically suit YOUR pest situation, and we will deliver it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want to be EASY to do business with.

In our area, properties are susceptible to all types of pests and wildlife at all times of the year. The best form of pest control is prevention. No matter your property's unique needs, any home or business can benefit from recurring pest control services. It's the prevention that's key to keeping your property free from the constant pest pressures in our region and climate. With prevention measures in place and recurring visits from OUR trained professionals who can spot problems early and take corrective actions, you won't have to worry about pests.

Pest infestations can become overwhelming virtually overnight. Often it's more than just a nuisance. Some pests can endanger your family because of contamination and damage to food and surfaces. Regular pest control services can protect you and your property year-round. We know that the safety and health of your family, pets, and the environment is of the utmost importance. Our licensed experts will make every effort to develop a plan that focuses on preventing pest problems before they start.


Our Home Pest Control Process

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We inspect every accessible area in your home before developing your customized treatment plan. This inspection allows us to identify harborage and nesting areas, food sources, entry points, and more.
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Your home pest control needs are unique and deserve a pest control plan tailored to those needs. We'll develop a treatment plan that meets your home's specific pest control needs effectively and safely.
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Regular follow-up services ensure the pest-free status of your home. We'll work with you to determine how frequently your home needs our follow-up services to maintain its pest-free status.

Our Specialty Pest Control Services

In addition to our standard pest control plans, we also offer several pest control options targeted towards specific pest threats. These services include:

If you are having problems with any of these pests, please visit the appropriate service page to learn more about the services we offer to eliminate and prevent these pest problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are your services guaranteed?

Our services include what we call our Follow Service Guarantee. If you see pests in your house in between your regularly scheduled service visits, we will return to your home to re-treat it free of charge.

Do you provide emergency services?

We do! If you have an emergency pest problem, contact us any time, day or night, seven days a week.

Are your treatments safe for my family?

We know that your family's health and safety are your top priority, which is why it's also one of our top priorities. We use treatment methods and products that are safe for your family and pets.


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