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 Rodent Control 

The rodent population in and around Atlanta seems to be on the increase. Every year we get more rodent calls than the year before. Most of the increase is in rat calls; mouse and squirrel calls have been more constant through the years.

There are three basic methods of rodent control: trapping, baiting, and exclusion. A thorough inspection is necessary to determine which methods are best in a given situation.

We would use glue traps or spring traps inside a home, attic or crawl space to capture the existing population. Once all the rodents are removed, an effort to exclude any new rodent invasions should be attempted. Some entry points are easy to seal, such as a loose door to a crawl space.

Another relatively easy exclusion is a single entry hole where rodents gnaw through a board to gain entry to the attic. Other exclusions are so difficult that they may not be worthwhile. The best example of this type is a total roof line exclusion which requires installing sheet metal from under the edge of the shingles to behind the gutter. A complete roof line exclusion could cost $1500 to $2000 and should be a last resort.

We see rodent baiting as a long term preventative control. Baiting an existing rodent infestation can result in rodents dying in the wall voids or other inaccessible areas, causing a serious odor problem. Once the existing population has been removed and their entry points closed, bait can be utilized.

We can place rodent feeding stations outside the home or office to stop any new rodents before they try to enter your property. (The cost is $40 for one station fully loaded, which should last six months.)

Because of the increase of rodent population in our area, we advise rodent prevention for residential properties just like we have always used at restaurants and other commercial accounts.

If you suspect rodents in your neighborhood, please contact us about our rodent prevention program.
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