Professional Pest Management For Sandy Springs, GA Properties

Between the busy downtown streets of Atlanta and the bedroom communities of Fulton County lies the suburb of Sandy Springs, Georgia. This bustling community serves as the home base to over 100,000 people and is the seventh-largest city in the state. Hundreds of corporate businesses use the quieter structure of this town to maintain offices and commercial headquarters, providing job opportunities for thousands of residents. Countless landmarks, festivals, parks, and restaurants give Sandy Springs' home and business owners plenty of things to do. The busy lifestyles of Sandy Springs, Georgia residents leave very little time for disruption or distraction, much less potential health concerns. Unfortunately, this usually means that pest infestations make an enormous impact on the lives of those they alter. Structural damage, disease spread, and the loss of business reputation are very real threats to those in Sandy Springs, Georgia. That's why finding a high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective pest control company is one of the most important items on a resident's to-do lists.

Alternative Pest Control has been serving home and business owners alike with tremendous success since 1985. For over 35 years and counting, our team of experts has delivered inspections, treatments, and follow-up services that snuff out pest problems at lightning speeds. Discover pest control done differently by reaching out to the professionals at Alternative Pest Control today. Call or complete the contact form to get a comprehensive quote for your pest control needs.

Home Pest Control In Sandy Springs, GA

Homeowners in the Sandy Springs, Georgia area deserve nothing but the best in their pest control services. The team at Alternative Pest Control has developed a system of services that treat, remove, and protect your property investment in a myriad of ways. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are simplistic yet effective and cut out useless business jargon for a better service experience. Our residential pest control services are based on timeframes rather than coverages, eliminating pests on a schedule that fits your needs.

  • Weekly Service: Weekly pest control services from Alternative Pest Control offer some of the most aggressive treatment regimens in the Sandy Springs, Georgia area.
  • Monthly Service: Address pest concerns 12 times per year with intensive pest control that covers dozens of pest species.
  • Quarterly Service: Our quarterly services create a barrier against pests once per season or four times per year.
  • One Time Service: This program was specifically built with special events in mind. Protect your event venue from mosquito infestations, tick populations, or risks for fleas.

Call the team at Alternative Pest Control today to schedule a residential pest control plan. 


Sandy Springs Helpful Guide To Termite Control

three drywood termites crawling through a lot of frass

Termites are not pests that can be controlled using DIY(do it yourself) efforts alone. Not only are they resistant to most forms of over-the-counter pest control, but they are difficult to find and eliminate in residential environments. 
Here are some ways that Alternative Pest Control protects properties with termite control:

  • We monitor your building for any signs of a termite presence.
  • We bait and trap your lawn against invading species.
  • We continue to follow up post infestation, and create a barrier around the home using pest treatments and controls.

Book a thorough termite inspection with the team at Alternative Pest Control now. 

What Brings Ants To Sandy Springs Properties? 

ta colony of argentine ants eating cake

Over the past few decades, ants have become some of the most prevalent pests in the Sandy Springs, Georgia area. Ants may be attracted to your property for many reasons, many of which revolve around three basic factors:

  1. The presence of food, including crumbs and drink spills, around the property.
  2. A high volume of standing or stagnant water, including household humidity.
  3. Unsecured garbage bags or trash cans.

Don’t allow ants to gain the upper hand in your yard. Let the team at Alternative Pest Control defend your property with comprehensive ant treatments today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Sandy Springs, GA

Pests are a difficult obstacle for business owners in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Not only are they dangerous to people and buildings, but they have the potential to destroy a commercial business's reputation as well. At Alternative Pest Control, we understand the stress and anxiety caused by pest infestations in Sandy Springs businesses. We deliver prompt pest control services that care for your unique needs within a prompt, discreet time frame. We can serve your business by:

  • Delivering immediate emergency services for pest elimination
  • Giving inspections within 24 hours
  • Managing wildlife species
  • Offering general and specialty pest control support

The team at Alternative Pest Control is ready to begin serving you at your earliest convenience. Please call us today to learn more about our commercial pest control plans, or ask for an initial consultation at any time. 


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