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Protect Your Gwinnett County, GA Home From Termites

Did you know that every year over 600,000 U.S. homeowners find termite damage in their homes and that Georgia is ranked second in the nation for termite activity? That’s why when it comes to termite problems, it’s not a matter of IF termites will invade, but WHEN they’ll invade.

The annual cost to U.S. homeowners to repair termite damage is one and a half billion dollars. Homeowners' insurance covers losses due to fires, floods, and earthquakes but does not cover termite damage. This lack of coverage is why it is crucial to have appropriate termite protection for your Gwinnett County home. It’s not just a good idea; it’s simply something you must have.

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Our Termite Control Offerings

At Alternative Pest Control, we believe that liquid treatments are the best solution for termite control in most cases. We use only top of the line products to provide you with the most effective results.

In a few situations, traditional liquid treatments may not be practical, in which case we will install a baiting system as the primary treatment and add a liquid treatment to the outside perimeter for extra insurance.

We also offer repairs for termite damage. Additionally, for structures with a crawl space, we can add ventilation or a moisture barrier to prevent the conditions that attract termites.

Termite Damage Insurance

Because of our long-term success in termite control, we can get a low rate on our termite damage insurance. We guarantee that our termite protection renewal rates will remain among the most affordable in the industry. We would like to have the opportunity to come to your home and give you a quote for termite protection. Just give us a call – there is no obligation!

New Construction Pre-Treatments

Alternative Pest Control offers residential and commercial termite pre-construction treatments. The best time to protect your home or business from termites is before you pour the foundation. A pre-treat is done when the ground is prepped and before the foundation is poured. We treat the soil under the foundation before the house is built.

After the soil is treated, the slab is poured. Towards the end of construction, we return to treat the outside perimeter, which occurs before the driveway or any patio slabs are installed but after the landscaping is complete. If you have any further questions or need a quote, please call us!

Termite Guarantees

There are two different types of termite treatment guarantees in the pest control industry. One is a re-treat-only agreement, which obligates the termite company to retreat only area of infestation. Under this agreement, the property owner has to repair any damage done by the termites. The other is a re-treatment and repair guarantee, which requires the termite company to retreat the infestation and their insurance company to repair any termite damage.

It’s important for you as a homeowner to know that all termite damage guarantees are not created equal. Most termite damage guarantees are complex with many exclusions and conditions, and some even have deductibles that you have to pay. Our guarantee is the simplest and most straightforward repair guarantee available.

Termite Letters

Often referred to as “termite letters’, the Official Georgia Wood Infestation Report is a document sometimes required for the sale of property in the state of Georgia. It is a standardized report that states whether or not there is evidence of any active or previous infestations of subterranean termites, powder post beetles, wood-boring beetles, dry wood termites, and wood-decaying fungus (not molds and mildews). The report also lists if there are any favorable conditions for wood-destroying organisms.

This letter will let you know if the home has been treated for any of the above wood-destroying organisms and when the contract expires. The house has to have a full visual inspection before a report is issued. The report will state the seller’s name, buyer’s name, and date of issuance. The inspection must be completed within 30 days of closing. If you need a termite letter or have any questions about this process, please call us!

Termite Control For Your Gwinnett County, GA Home Or Business

When it comes to protecting your home or business from termites, we only use the best products on the market. We even use products that help termites stop eating, which makes the colony go away. We use products that are safe, effective, and work quickly.

Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control offerings.


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