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What are wildlife?

Wildlife or wild animals are those that are not domesticated like our pets or farm animals. Wild animals can live outside without people feeding or otherwise caring for them. When wild animals stay in their own habitats and don't invade our properties, we can coexist peacefully. However, when they take over our yards and homes, they need to be humanely removed and relocated.

a raccoon in loganville georgia

Some of the most common wildlife we encounter throughout Georgia include squirrels, raccoons, possums, snakes, bats, birds, and armadillos.

Are wildlife dangerous?

Any wild animal can be dangerous; they can spread diseases, deliver painful bites or scratches, inject venom, or cause structural damage to our property's interior or exterior. Wild animals can be dangerous and shouldn't be allowed free access to our properties.

Why do I have a wildlife problem?

We would have no problem with wildlife if they stayed in the wild, away from us. But as we have expanded our living areas, we have merged into the habitats of many wild animals. Wild animals have had to adapt and learn to acquire their basic needs from our yards and sometimes shelter in our homes and businesses. If your yard offers a hiding or nesting spot, your trash cans or gardens provide food, or a clogged gutter provides them with water, wildlife will take advantage.

Where will I find wildlife?

Wild animals live all around us. In fields, wooded areas, farmland, next to rivers or lakes, and of course in our yards. They thrive in rural areas closer to their natural habitats. However, wild animals have also discovered that densely populated suburban or urban areas provide them with a lot of food and shelter.

Below are some of wildlife's favorite burrowing and nesting spots.

  • Woodpiles or brush piles
  • Gardens, trees, or landscaping
  • Under decks, sheds, or foundations
  • Inside attics, chimneys, roof eaves, or rafters
  • In crawlspaces or wall voids

How do I get rid of wildlife?

Remove problematic wildlife from your property by partnering with the local pest control experts at Alternative Pest Control. We specialize in wildlife management, animal removal, and exceptional customer service.

With over 35 years in the pest control industry, you can trust our family-owned-and-operated company to protect your family from wild animals, removing them in the most humane manner possible. We offer flexible alternatives based on your needs and customize our services to meet your expectations. Handling wild animals on your own is never suggested; let us help!

How can I prevent wildlife in the future?

Taking the following steps will help stop wildlife from taking over your Georgia property. In conjunction with our pest control services, our prevention tips will help guard your home against wild animals.

  • Maintain gardens and fruit trees.
  • Remove unnecessary rocks, woodpiles, or brush piles from your yard.
  • Never purposely feed birds or other wild animals near your home.
  • Regularly harvest fruits and vegetables from gardens, and place fences around garden areas.
  • Keep lids on compost bins and trash cans which are popular foraging sites for wild animals.
  • Seal spaces that develop in your foundation, exterior walls, doors and windows, and the roofline.
  • Keep garage and basement doors closed whenever possible.
  • Make sure window wells and chimneys have covers on them.

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